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The problem with password expiry

When it comes to password expiry, different companies have different policies.
Whilst the current industry standard is 90 days, a lot of companies do enforce a lower 30 days period or anything in between 30 and 90 days.
If you ask the users, they do not tend to be happy with changing passwords often and even at all (are you?)

The problem with changing passwords often is that, unless you are using some kind of password safe with random generated passwords, users tend to just change a letter or number at the end of their password (1, 2, 3 or 2019, 2020, etc.), chose another weak password all together or write it down somewhere.
And if users do that, then changing their passwords often does not improve your security posture.

We therefore advise not to go lower than 90 days when it comes to password expiry, in fact when it comes to authentication security, we would highly recommend that you enforce dual factor authentication through SMS or App for s...

Afer 17 years, a NEW BUGS Cryptography Package for Unix (version 4.1.2)

BUGS is a personal cyber security project from Sylvain Martinez, which started about 25 years ago and has enabled him to kick start his career in Cyber Security.
As such it has a special place in the heart of ELYSIUMSECURITY.
It is an open source project where Sylvain created his own symmetric cryptography algorithm along with a few applications to showcase the capability of his cryptography algorythm:
An application to encrypt/decrypt files, a simple encrypted chat application, a secure shell add-on, a password manager, etc.

This project is a hobby and should only be seen as that, any respectable professional cryptographer would tell you this: "Do not create your own cryptography algorithm"!
Furthermore, we always advise our clients to only use international standard algorithms (i.e.: AES)

Having said that, it doesn't mean we cannot have a go ourselves!
It had the merit of teaching us a lot about cryptography and after all, no one ha...


In the past 6 months, ELYSIUMSECURITY has looked at 10 of the most popular Cyber Security reports of 2019 and created an overview document summarising their main trends and predictions.
The results will be presented at the next MU.SCL event (free registration HERE) but you can already have a look at the main findings by downloading the presentation in the DOWNLOAD section.



ELYSIUMSECURITY has designed a practical framework to help organisations implement an efficient Phishing Protection program.
Phishing has become the number one attack vector used by criminals to get around most companies defences and use social engineering to extract confidential information and conduct financial frauds.

For an efficient Phishing Protection program, organisations must consider not only implementing awareness and simulation campaigns but also integrate them to their phishing detection and protection strategy.

More information on how to implement this framework is available in our DOWNLOAD section.



ELYSIUMSECURITY was asked to participate in the 2019 Mauritius National Cyber Drill where we presented on Incident Response in front of Mauritian organisations that are critical to the operation of the country. We took this opportunity to introduce the core concepts of the NIST SP 800-61 Incident Response framework.

We also provided a high level view of the ELYSIUMSECURITY Incident Response framework, which is a practical implementation of the NIST SP 800-61 Incident Response frameworkand the FIRST CSIRT services Framework

The updated presentation slides are available in our DOWNLOAD section...


Knowing what security features are included or not in the different packages offering from Microsoft can be confusing.
In this article, we will explain the overall principle of what all of those plans means.

For most companies, when it comes to Microsoft products you need protection for your EMAILS/DOCUMENTS/ENDPOINTS and for your ACCESS to Microsoft products (meaning AD, even if you are a Apple house)

The bottom line is that for ensuring you have the best security you want all or some of those security features:

  • Some advanced threat protection for your email/documents/endpoints:
    URL Link protection;
    Attachment protection;
    Identity and impersonation protection;
    Threat Intelligence;
    Alert for suspicious logins or activities;
    Logs and archiving;
    Advanced search and discovery;
    Digital Right Management;
    MDM (phones and laptops);

  • Some advanced threat p
  • ...
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    We are delighted to announce the second season of the Mauritius Security Club (MU.SCL) is now on!
    It has been a busy year for us in 2018, and 2019 looks open for some great opportunities.

    Please join on the Wednesday 27th of February from 18:30 (6.30pm for those english out there!).
    We will start with a talk revisiting how you traditionally use IDS into something more offensive when conducting Penetration Testing or Red Team exercises.
    This will be followed by a discussion where it is your chance to shape the content of the MU.SCL for 2019! You can register here: EVENTBRITE REGISTRATION

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    What started in 2015 in the UK as a side project, to provide cyber security expertise to UK Edge Funds, has now developed in a busy and successful wider operation through a limited company in the UK and the setup of another limited company in Mauritius.

    ELYSIUMSECURITY LTD MAURITIUS is now one year old and the focus of 2018 has been to develop our activities in Mauritius.
    It has been an amazing year and we would like to take this opportunity to thanks our clients who have been trusting us in this first year. We look forward to continue providing our expertise in Mauritius, the UK and beyond.

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    New Download section with Presentations

    A new section has been added to the Download page where you can now find a link to all the public presentations ELYSIUMSECURITY has been giving.
    Those presentations cover a wide range of Cyber Security topics and we hope you find them useful.
    They are classified as public and you are welcome to re-use them or part of their content, we just ask if you could please reference the source of this material if you do so.

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    FREE Cyber Security Event - 3rd Episode!

    Special guest announced for the next MU.SCL event!
    Dr Kaleem Usmani from CERT MU will be presenting on Incident Handling.
    You can register now HERE !

    This FREE to attend meeting will take place on the Thursday 26th of April 2018, from 6pm to 8pm, at the Flying Dodo Brewing Company in Bagatelle, Mauritius.

    We are working on a streaming option for those of you who cannot physically attend.

  • Talk1 - Social Media as a Cyber Weapon (Sylvain Martinez - ELYSIUMSECURITY)
  • Talk2 - Incident Handling in Organisations (Dr Kaleem Usmani - CERT MU)

    The first talk will present how information shared on social media platforms can easily be obtained and used against you. We will also take a look at recent world events and how this data can be aggregated and why this is dangerous.

    The second talk will discuss incident handling in t
  • ...
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