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Afer 17 years, a NEW BUGS Cryptography Package for Unix (version 4.1.2)

BUGS is a personal cyber security project from Sylvain Martinez, which started about 25 years ago and has enabled him to kick start his career in Cyber Security.
As such it has a special place in the heart of ELYSIUMSECURITY.
It is an open source project where Sylvain created his own symmetric cryptography algorithm along with a few applications to showcase the capability of his cryptography algorythm:
An application to encrypt/decrypt files, a simple encrypted chat application, a secure shell add-on, a password manager, etc.

This project is a hobby and should only be seen as that, any respectable professional cryptographer would tell you this: "Do not create your own cryptography algorithm"!
Furthermore, we always advise our clients to only use international standard algorithms (i.e.: AES)

Having said that, it doesn't mean we cannot have a go ourselves!
It had the merit of teaching us a lot about cryptography and after all, no one has yet managed to break our algorithm (how many have tried is another question! ;)

Although we no longer actively develop the algorithm and its surrounding applications, we try our best to ensure they can still be compiled and work on modern computers

We are pleased to announce that after almost 17 years since the last update, we have released a new version for Unix systems (that include MAC OS X)
Indeed, it was no longer possible to compile the source code on the latest version of MAC OS X (not bad coding since it latested 17 years without any changes required!)

  • We have fixed a number of compilation issues on MacOS as well as added a few installation checks for both MacOS X and Linux
  • The source code compilation has now been tested without any issues on the latest version of MacOS X (Catalina) and Kali Linux
  • The GNU GPL has also been updated from version 2 to version 3

  • You can find more information about the project, in the CRYPTO SECTION, and download the latest full package source code version 4.1.2 HERE

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