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What started in 2015 in the UK as a side project, to provide cyber security expertise to UK Edge Funds, has now developed in a busy and successful wider operation through a limited company in the UK and the setup of another limited company in Mauritius.

ELYSIUMSECURITY LTD MAURITIUS is now one year old and the focus of 2018 has been to develop our activities in Mauritius.
It has been an amazing year and we would like to take this opportunity to thanks our clients who have been trusting us in this first year. We look forward to continue providing our expertise in Mauritius, the UK and beyond.


When Business and Family priorities come together

A few month ago, when my child climbed into the boot of our family car at the airport and pretended to be a suitcase so I could take that “suitcase” on my business trip, it is when I decided I had to radically change how I was doing my job.

As I am turning an important chapter in my working life I thought I would share part of the journey that drove me to first leave a stable and somewhat senior position for a large international company in the UK for a “glamorous” CISO position in a relatively small organisation on the other side of the world, in Mauritius. Then almost a year later, deciding to leave the safety of a full-time job and create my own company.

For 15 years, I worked for BP in the UK in various Cyber Security roles, life was very good, the benefits excellent, the job challenging and I forged numerous good friendships. There were little reasons to leave. Except maybe the prospect of a more outdoor family life in a sunny and beautiful tropical ...

RANT FORUM - Red Team Recipes Presentation

I will be giving a talk tomorrow evening, the 28th of November at around 6pm, in London at the Risk and Network Threat (RANT) Forum .

The topic is:
Why RedTeam is more than just a buzz word? What works? What doesn't? And where is this "new" type of service might be going? All those questions answered by someone who is actually delivering Red Team activities.

Registration is free, you get free drinks and food... plus you get to hear me talk, so what is not to like?! :)

You can register HERE

The RANT Forum is quite different from your typical free security briefing, for a start it is not a sales forum. However, the company behind it is a recruitment agency, so they are still interested in taping the UK Security professional community!

Website update

We have completed our latest website refresh and you may have to reload the various pages to see the new version.
This update brings more information about the different services we offer and how we position ourselves. It also provides better infographics which should make navigating through the site easier to the eye.
We are planning another minor update to our blog section in the coming weeks which will improve your RSS experience.


One more update to the Security Onion Guide

We have updated once more our Security Onion Installation Guide with a few tweaks regarding setting up BRO emails and SSH.
There is also a new PDF version, using an updated template, available from the download section .


Updated Security Onion Guide

Last week, Security Onion repository moved from Google Code to Github. We have now updated our Security Onion Installation Guide with the new links.
Basically, replacing the base part of each link from the old reference

If you are looking for "issues", not only do you need to replace the base reference as mentioned above, but you also need to remove the "detail?id=" at the end of the URL.
For example:
https://code.google.com/p/security-onion/issues/detail?id=488 (does not work )

New Site Migration Complete

A new era has begun, we have completed our migration/integration from encryptsolutions.com to elysiumsecurity.com.
Encryptsolutions.com was created in 1998, 17 years ago, mainly to offer a web platform and support to the BUGS cryptography project.
In this time our expertise has evolved beyond Cryptography and has grown accross multiple security areas which are reflected in this new website, brand and set of services

Our commitment to the open source community is as strong as ever and you can expect more guides/tools/articles to be published very soon.


A new look

It seems I refresh the look of this website every 3 years and 3 years was up so here the new look :)

I decided to go with a slick, low maintenance theme.

It has also been a few months since I updated this website, hopefully this should change soon!


Is there a bug with McAfee

There is something quite surreal with what is happening with John McAfee; the author of the popular McAfee Antivirus and who is rich, lives in Belize and has recently been accused by the authority to have murdered his neighbour. Instead of being with the police he has fled, arguing this was a conspiration and that the police (or someone) was after him. This on itself is already a bit odd, but his subsequent actions are even more bizarre…
You would think that someone who believes the whole system is corrupted would try to flee the country, but no. John McAfee is staying in the same city, posting a blog about his escape, offering $25K to anyone who can help him catch the “real” killer and even describing the numerous disguise he has used to approach his house and the police around it, doing his own investigation…

Well, at least it makes for an interesting reading!


Farewell Mr Jobs.