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RANT FORUM - Red Team Recipes Presentation

I will be giving a talk tomorrow evening, the 28th of November at around 6pm, in London at the Risk and Network Threat (RANT) Forum .

The topic is:
Why RedTeam is more than just a buzz word? What works? What doesn't? And where is this "new" type of service might be going? All those questions answered by someone who is actually delivering Red Team activities.

Registration is free, you get free drinks and food... plus you get to hear me talk, so what is not to like?! :)

You can register HERE

The RANT Forum is quite different from your typical free security briefing, for a start it is not a sales forum. However, the company behind it is a recruitment agency, so they are still interested in taping the UK Security professional community!
But it also means the talks tend to be more interesting as not focus on selling a specific product or service.
The main difference though, is in its format.
It is in a pub, with the speaker(s) standing in front of a crowd of about 50 individuals standing with beers in hand and only a few meters away. The show is masterfully directed by the event's host: Tom. Tom, likes to steer things up and will invite the crowd to interrompt and challenge the speakers at any time. It is a RANT after all!
It is therefore usually very lively, the crowd will quickly let the speaker(s) know what they think and if they like what they hear or not. It makes for a fun evening from the crowd's point of view and quite a challenging one from the speaker's side.

Tomorrow night, I will be the sole speaker.
I am also thinking of doing a small RedTeam live demo towards the end, but as with all live demos there is a risk. And failure is not an option in front of that crowd. This will be interesting! :)
If you read this blog (and even if you are not!) please come and say Hi after the talk.

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