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Critical Infrastructure and Cyber attacks

I recently came across an article on a UK newspaper, the Guardian, about Mt Kaspersky predicting a riot. Well, not exactly. He is predicting a major cyber terrorist attack on UK soil which will disrupt major critical infrastructure.

I find this interesting, not because it is new, it isn’t. I find it interesting because there has been an increasing media visibility and attention to this topic in the last few years. By the way, I am also a big believer of “it will happen soon”. The internet of things is not a secure affair.

And I also find it quite a coincidence that Mr Kaspersky is warning us about a real life Die Hard 4 risk scenario as only yesterday I came across that following article:

Where someone is about to demonstrate in an upcoming conference, in details, how to disrupt the traffic light system used in many countries. Something he has confirmed works and I would be surprised if he doesn’t get into trouble very soon!

The concept of the conference itself is interesting: Infiltrate 2014. No vendor, you do not wear a tag, no photograph, no video, etc.

(but then, they have past conferences speech’s videos…)

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