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Encrypting DNS queries with DNSCrypt from OpenDNS

OpenDNS has just release a beta software to enable encryption of DNS queries called: DNSCrypt.

Not encrypting DNS queries can lead to two main type of attacks, as described by OpenDNS:
First, it prevents man-in-the-middle attacks which can cause malicious DNS responses to be used to trick you into visiting a dangerous website or send traffic to an unintended third party. Second, it prevents snooping by your ISP or any other intermediary who might want to sniff your DNS traffic to see what domains you are resolving.

DNSCrypt can significantly increase a user web security as until now there was no way to encrypt DNS queries. As stated by OpenDNS, DNSCrypt should be seen as complementary to Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC) because the later is not use to encrypt DNS queries, but to provide authentication and chain of trusts.

DNSCrypt is not the answer to every DNS related threats though, as OpenDNS still acts as a relay to the real website’s IP to be accessed, and if the DNS servers it got some of its information from are compromised OpenDNS will still serve you the compromised IP. Also, one of the great advantage of OpenDNS is its ease of use, the fact you just have to point your Router to their DNS servers, with DNSCrypt you need a software to be installed on each machine you want to protect. It would be great to see future routers supporting/integrating DNSCrypt so it isseamlessand would also protect any devices connected to that router, including smartphones, tablets, etc.

Nonetheless, this isdefinitelya step in the right direction! And although it is only available as a MAC Beta, a PC version should be coming up soon. Will it stay a free service, is also something that remains to be seen…

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