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An action on Data Privacy

The Inquirer recently ran a story about a group targeting Facebook and their use of your personal information. This group called “Europe Vs Facebook” claims that Facebook not only stores information about you even after you have deleted it, in other words it never really get deleted, but that they also create ghost profile of users who opted not to be on Facebook in the first place.

I find this very interesting because technically it is quite possible… Even if someone is not on Facebook their photo can be uploaded and their name tagged to it. It would require much more intelligence though to be able to correlate some information about that person discussed in Facebook mails/messages but it is in theory possible.

Although many people have warned in the past about Facebook big brother attitude, its deletion policy emphasizes the fact they were right!

The Europe Vs Facebook website explains how to request Facebook for all the data they have on you.

The best advise regarding Facebook is to consider all the information in it as public, even if you are restricting your information to a selected few friends. Once you have told a story or shared a photo online, you do not control itany more.

Now the question really is, what about other social media sites? Twitter and co?

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