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Turning point for Apple Products Security

There has recently been an increase in blackhat attention to Apple products.
It would seem that what has been predicted for some time is about to be tested:
that one of the main reason for Mac/OSX to be more secure than windows is because it did not get the same attention from hackers.

This had to happen, and I believe that the time is right.
Indeed, Apple products are gaining more and more market shares and their hippy/cool image is being eroded by both their very strict view of the world and exponantial user base growth.
(On a non security related note, one could wonder how long can Apple be seen as different/cool if everyone has their product!)

This gives every reasons for hackers to take their attention to Mac OSX and iOS.
Recently a fake anti virus software for MAC was discussed on the excellent Intego blog and many other sites

And a few days ago it was discovered (as expected) that the defenses Apple brought to fight back are not really working, furthermore is has also started to change name as it latest iteration is now called Mac Shield.

Another sign of increased hacking activity is the availibility, for the first time, of a hacking framework being sold on closed underground forums, the Weyland-Yutani BOT
It allows users to inject payload through Firefox exploits on MAC, but there is already a plan to extend the scope of that framework to target iOS devices and through Chrome/Safari as well

This is certainly not good news for Apple customers, but it will be interesting to see how this develops from now on and if Apple’s claim that their OS are more secure than the competition is proven true… or not!

My prediction? it isn’t true and we should be seeing much more damaging security breach/issues stories related to Apple product this year.

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