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Starting on the 6th of April, ELYSIUMSECURITY will offer a free service for the community in Mauritius. If you are a small business who has recently setup an online shopping website we can test the security of your website/platform at no charge and provide you with a short report on potential security vulnerabilities alongside some practical advice on how to fix them.

In these difficult times it is very important to help each other. More and more people are now looking at remote shopping online (we are!), so it is important those new websites do not get hacked and we can all continue to use those online services.

Below are the key points of this free service:

  • 100% free with no future commitment or “after sale” nonsense, it is our way to say thank you to all those businesses and services that help the community in those hard times;
  • You will need to provide proof your own the website/service to be tested;
  • We will enter into a simplified digital contract to both protect you and us - so you are covered by our liability insurance and we have a track record of your approval to conduct such tests;

  • If you are using a well known/standard online shopping platform (which we highly recommend) then you probably do not need our services. However, if you have setup your own website (i.e.: Wordpress + shopping plugin, etc) then there might be some value for you to get such website assessed as it is easy to forget some key security controls.

    ELYSIUMSECURITY is a small cyber security consulting company based in Mauritius, you are welcome to check our credentials through our website or via our references. To ensure this service does not disturb the work we do for our existing clients, it will be provided on a first come first serve basis, we will allocate a define set of hours, per day and after business hours, for this service.

    May you and your loved ones stay safe, and res to la kaz!

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