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“Freemium” user procurement Strategy

Although this post is not directly related to IT Security, some of its implications are.

Looking at the recent craze around iOS devices which is pushing many companies to react to its users bringing such devices in the corporate environment, I wonder if some kind of new and ever so slightly twisted corporate “Freemium” user procurement strategy could be extracted from this…

– Wait for a new “sexy” gadget to come along that everyone wants
– Offer a free and equivalent “boring”/cheaper gadget, which does the job and just that.
– Resist your users to provide that new gadget…
– …but do not resist that much so it does not work in your corporate environment
– Accept and work to mitigate the risks associated with those uncontrolled devices
– Wait for the number of those users to grow and pass a tipping point
– Officially accept the use of those new gadgets if self purchased but then do not provide the free equivalent to those users.
– Wait for all/majority of your fleet to happily self finance their gadgets.

Using the marketing power of big consumer companies and user natural thirst towards new gadgets to the advantage of your corporate user procurement strategy… Freemium user procurement… Clever! :)

Now, it will be interesting if Apple can refine their macbook air laptop design/marketing so it generates the same interest as their iPhone… the iPad has already followed the same trend!

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