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What does SSD drives have to do with IPv6?

There has been a number of articles in the past few weeks about SSD drives proving to be difficult to securely wipe with conventional methods that are working on non SDD drives. Such as degaussing or repeated data overwrites.

It seems to have all come from the work of some californian researchers who have published a paper on that topic and available HERE.

And an easier to read summary is available on Macworld

It is not all bad though, one solution is to fully encrypt the disk and some companies such as Samsung are already offering SSD with Self Encrypted Drive (SED) technology.

But this is an example of a new technology that a company could deploy without fully understanding the security consequences.

So as the title of this post hints, what is the link between this issue and IPv6? Well, although IPv6 is generally thought to be a more secure protocol that the old IPv4, migrating to IPv6 could also bring some negative security consequences.

Indeed, not all your security technology controls may be ready for it. The most obvious one is the IDS/IPS, if the version you are using are not compatible with IPv6 then it could provide a covert channel for worms/viruses. But it could also blind some Data Leakage Prevention solutions.

SC Magazine was already asking a similar question back in January this year.

The point is, with technology changes some unexpected security issues may arise.

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