ElysiumSecurity provides high level expertise gathered through years of best practises experience in large international companies. Our diverse set of skills and independent status allow us to provide advice best suited to your business operational model and priorities.


Helping you define a Cyber Security Strategy with clear vision and direction to improve your company security posture through relevant and effective change programs:

  • IISP Certified;
  • Understand your business environment and how it is operated;
  • Assess the current Cyber Security and Operational Policies already in place;
  • Identify the Cyber Security Standards and Frameworks that best fit your Business Security requirements;
  • Define and agree a Cyber Security Strategy to drive security improvements and compliance across your organisation;
  • Create Cyber Security Roadmaps with short, medium and long term milestones

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    Assisting with the full lifecycle of Enterprise Architecture frameworks and blue prints to ensure your company operates and is built on secured and adequate IT foundations:

  • TOGAF 9 Certified;
  • Ensure the right architecture principles, technology choices and implementations are taken;
  • Identify Security Architecture shortcomings and associated risks;
  • Plan Architecture change priorities.

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    Providing Cyber Security audits to assess your security standards and frameworks for compliance against various International Standards:

  • CISSP Certified;
  • Experience with ISO 27001, NIST, SOX and COBIT;
  • Assessment of internal policies against best practice standards;
  • Processes gap analysis;
  • Advice on compliance requirements.

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